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Jinwei Machinery, Your Best Partner

Advanced extrusion production line

Adhering to service philosophy: Respect customers, understand customers, continue to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations, and make customers become eternal partners.
From equipment selection to production capacity optimization and maintenance, a professional project manager tracks the entire process and provides technical support to avoid risks.
Provide full service for product usage. Provide customized equipment solutions for the entire industry chain according to demand, and achieve the optimal ratio of product quality and cost through intelligent equipment.
Ensure a one-year warranty for the product with excellent service attitude; During the warranty period, ensure the normal use of the equipment, provide free on-site repair services, and provide lifelong service upon the expiration of the warranty period. If there is a malfunction in the equipment, we will rush to the scene of the malfunction in the shortest possible time, check the cause of the malfunction, and quickly take measures to restore normal operation of the equipment.
Customer training
We will provide you with a detailed understanding of product performance, operating standards, maintenance knowledge, etc., to ensure that the equipment maintains good working condition and maximizes work efficiency.
The company has excellent processing equipment, a gathering of professional talents, and a high degree of integration of industrialization and informatization. It has the processing ability for large-scale customization, the manufacturing ability for oversized and heavy-duty equipment, and a super production capacity of 1000 sets of flat forming equipment per year.

Address of Factory Area 1: No.16, Donglin Lianfa Industrial Park, Guojia Road, Guojia Jing, Chengxiang Town, Taicang City, Suzhou

Address of Factory Area 2: No. 90 Shenfeng Road, Dafeng District, Yancheng City

Address of Factory Area 3: No. 69 Hongrong Road, Chongchuan District, Nantong City

Mobile phone: 18861955928 15906228589

E-mail: salej@gwell.cn xinws@gwell.cn lyq@gwell.cn

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